Design Collaborations – Co-Branding


Creativity and innovation have become the core values for industries, retailers and brands. It is crucial to be as reactive as possible to the last fashion trends and appeal to the consumers with new products (capsules, exclusive products).

Putting a talented designer’s name on a product / line of products will enable the market players to have access to the fashion and luxury codes and improve their image value. On an artistic point of view, designers are generally happy to express themselves with different projects. Those partnerships bring them some cash flow and will allow them to continue to develop their own brands.

O.B.F.O. offers advice and support to companies that are looking for short and long term design collaborations. We also work on private labels projects for French or international department stores in selecting the designers who will be able to develop their house brands.

Our tasks include :

  • Studying and analyzing the needs in terms of products, market, price policy, Communication, budgets and time frames
  • Assisting the company to build up a consistent commercial strategy
  • Selecting the designer who will be able to offer the best personalized project in the requested Time frame
  • Coordinating the economic aspect